2021 Fashion Printed Fabric!

Printed Bullet Fabric


$1.99 - $2.89/Meter


MOQ: 1 Meter

Printed Stretch Chiffon


$1.5- $1.75/Meter


MOQ: 1 Meter

Printed Satin Fabric


$1.89 - $2.99/M


MOQ: 1 Meter


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2021 Fashion Pleated Fabric!

Cutting Pleated Printed Chiffon


$5.15 - $8.14/ Piece


MOQ: 10 Piece

Regular Pleated Chiffon


$1.59- $3.19/M


MOQ: 10 Meter

Pleated fabric


$4.12 - $6.18/M


MOQ: 10 Meter


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New Arrival

$1.20 - $1.55
Shipping: $0.51/meter
Min. Order: 150 meters
Easy Return
For Garment
Stretch Fabric
For Sportswear
$1.65 - $2.95
Shipping: $2.58/meter
Min. Order: 10 meters
Easy Return
91 sold
$1.55 - $2.35
Shipping: $5.33/meter
Min. Order: 1 meter
Est. delivery by Jul 3Easy Return
271 sold
$1.55 - $1.95
Shipping: $0.95/meter
Min. Order: 50 meters
Easy Return
1373 sold
$2.50 - $4.50
Shipping: $2.93/meter
Min. Order: 10 meters
Easy Return
2 sold
Digital Printing
$1.69 - $2.59
Shipping: $2.32/meter
Min. Order: 10 meters
Easy Return
291 sold
$5.00 - $8.50
Shipping to be negotiated
Min. Order: 10 pieces
Easy Return
$0.89 - $1.19
Shipping to be negotiated
Min. Order: 1200 meters
Easy Return





    Our Factory 




Suzhou Qianjing Textile Co., Ltd is one of the most professional textile supplier in suzhou city, China. We produce different kinds of woven and knitted fabric over 12 years.

From the small processing plant to a big factory with large warehouse, stocking over 100000 different kinds of fabric, can meet most of your fabric needs.


We can process your order in just 3-7 days. To provide the nice service to our customers. We reply to all inquiries in 3 hours. From small orders of 10 meters to bulk annual orders of 100,000 meters or more, you have a partner you can reply on. 

Quality and service is our soul. One thing remains constant: whether you are a Fortune 500 or a small, fast growing company, we can produce your design with Quality, Efficiency and Affordability.